Authentic perfumer fragrances

Since its founding in Paris in 1852, La Maison Rigaud, one of the oldest perfumeries in the world, has taken special care in the choice and preparation of its ingredients to create home fragrances that are as carefully crafted as perfumes for the body.

Rigaud home fragrances are timeless; rather than changing with the whims of fashion, they establish themselves and endure. For example, the Cyprès candle – the first one created by Rigaud in 1960 – remains a success and an international benchmark in the world of scented candles today.

Each scent, developed from natural ingredients, is a true composition, with its top notes, middle notes or “heart,” and base notes forming a sophisticated olfactory pyramid.

Rigaud wax was formulated to sublimate the scents, whose concentration – between 10 and 12% – is higher than in an eau de toilette.

The same careful composition of scents is found with a higher degree of concentration in Rigaud sprays and diffusers.

With time, the range has been extended to include new fragrances, and Rigaud currently offers a broad range: Cyprès, Vésuve, Bois Précieux, Gardénia, Reine de la Nuit, Cythère, Jardin d’Orient, Jasmin, Lilas, Rose, Tournesol, Lavande, Péché Mignon and Gourmandise.

Wax of exceptional quality

Rigaud soft wax is patented, unique on the market, and recognized as the highest-quality wax in the world of candles. It is the only soft wax that guarantees perfect afterglow of the fragrance. Its texture allows the scent to be released even when the candle is not burning. Its low melting point of approximately 42°C enables it to liquefy more rapidly than hard waxes, ensuring immediate diffusion of the fragrance.

Once liquefied, Rigaud wax burns slowly and regularly, and without forming an unsightly crater. This enables complete combustion of all the wax contained in the candle. Rigaud candles provide strong and consistent diffusion of the scent, over an exceptionally long burning time – from 20 to over 100 hours depending on the size of the candle.

Rigaud wax is of mineral origin and the natural fragrance essences were developed by renowned “noses” in Grasse, the capital of perfume in the south of France. The ingredients used in formulating this wax are biodegradable and thus entirely respectful of the environment.

Rigaud wicks

La Maison Rigaud takes particular care with the choice of the wick, essential to proper candle combustion and lift of the fragrance into the air.

All wicks are of natural cotton. The wicks are attached to a metal star and centered in the container. Rigaud wicks are designed not to drown in the wax during burning.

A wick reacts differently depending on the scent, color, and size of the container. That is why each wick is adapted to suit the height of the flame, the burning constancy, and burning time, which optimizes the duration and quality of combustion. For each fragrance, for each container, La Maison Rigaud conducts a specific study in order to find the most appropriate wick.

French & tailor-made products

All our products are manufactured in France. In our workshops, every measure is taken, from the beginning to the end of the manufacturing process, to ensure quality products. The laboratory tests each batch of fragrance concentrate to guarantee consistency and perfect harmony between the wax, the fragrance, and the wick. All raw materials are tested and checked before and during manufacturing. Samples are taken during production runs for quality testing (appearance of the wax, burning quality, wick durability, etc). In addition, a sample of each batch is taken at the end of each production run to undergo burning tests.

Our candles meet all requirements of the new European NF EN 15426 standard, and in particular as regards the increased stringency of the specifications regarding maximum soot emissions.

Particular attention is paid to the finishing of the candles. Each candle is inspected. Each glass container and each snuffer cap is hand-wiped. The ribbons on the glasses and boxes are placed and tied by hand, in the tradition of the great French luxury houses.

Recognized expertise

As witness to the quality of its expertise and the recognition it has received, many prestigious and demanding brands have partnerships with La Maison Rigaud, entrusting us with the conception and manufacture of candles bearing their own brands.