Advice from the Perfumer

conseil-rigaud-1Recommendations for use

Advice on creating ambiances

  1. Always keep the Rigaud candle in a vertical position, and preferably in its original container, so that the soft wax does not lose its shape, especially if kept in a warm environment.conseil-rigaud-2
  2. The soft wax liquefies rapidly and permits optimum diffusion of the fragrance into the room.
  3. Avoid placing the candle in a draft, since the wax could melt unevenly and the wick could move from off center.
  4. Never leave a lighted candle when the wick is decentered. Indeed, a candle with a wick off-center can burn too close to the glass and break it. If the wick is off-center, blow out immediately the flame and realign the wick while the wax is still liquid and finally let the candle cool before re-lighting it.
  5. Never leave a lighted candle unattended or near a inflammable surface. Remember to extinguish it when you leave the house.
  6. Keep it out of reach of children and animals.
  7. To extinguish your Rigaud candle, do not blow on it; simply cover it with its snuffer cap so that the wick does not smoke. This elegant gesture extinguishes the flame and avoids excessive combustion so the fragrance remains in the air.
  8. Avoid placing the candle on a delicate furniture.
  9. To avoid black smoke, regularly trim the wick before lighting it. It should never be longer than 5 mm.
  10. In addition to their subtle elegance Rigaud candles lend to your dinners and receptions, they also eliminate all pervasive, unpleasant traces of tobacco smoke.
  11. The Rigaud fragrance spray contains an alcohol-based composition that can be vaporized simply by pressing the pump at a distance of approximately one meter from textiles such as drapes, cushions, curtains, rugs and carpets. The living space will gradually be impregnated with the fragrance.
  12. The principle of Rigaud diffusers is that of subtly scenting the living space via a system of natural capillarity. The plant stalks absorb the scented solution and subtly diffuse it. Turn the stalks from time to time to renew the diffusion process.
  13. Place your Rigaud diffuser near a window or in a draft to beautify the atmosphere with a delicate fragrance that seems to waft in from a faraway place.
  14. We advise you to place your Rigaud diffuser in smaller spaces around the house – corridors, entryway, dressing rooms – to get the full effect of the rich fragrance it diffuses.

Advice on creating ambiances

“Perfumes are fragil emotions and those who buy them want feelings not only brands”

Headed by silvery metal, dressed in a zebra packaging and a satin ribbon, the Rigaud candle is a true decorative object which brings warmth and life at home.

  1. Cyprès, The universal candle from the excellence, scent of conifers and wood fires will be ideal to perfume your apartment , your office or your country house.
  2. For a bedroom with a feminine, romantic décor, discover the tenderness of Lilas or the freshness of Rose.
  3. The exotic warmth of Bois Précieux befits a modern, elegant living room with a masculine bent.
  4. To lighten your living rooms with a touch of freshness, give in to the bracing scent of Tournesol which evokes Spring and Summer.
  5. Choose the more richly colored fragrances, like Cythère or Jardin d’Orient, for your relaxed or meditation evening. Their scents lend a touch of exoticism and escape.
  6. Light your Jasmine candles as the sun is going down in summertime to rediscover the natural scent of jasmine petals on a summer evening.
  7. In your house in nature, you can associate the strong character of Cyprès with the green notes of Tournesol and enliven the atmosphere of your interior or the ambiance of your garden terrace.
  8. For a wedding gift, offer the white Gardénia.
  9. For an intimate and sensual ambience, light Vésuve or Reine de la Nuit.
  10. To remember the pastries of your childhood, burn Gourmandise or Péché Mignon.
  11. Going on a trip? Light the candle in its metal box. Its perfume will warm up your room and blow away your blues of exile.
  12. Lavande Moderne will remind you of the beautiful purple fields of the french Provence area.